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Documentary: Aalto (FI)

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‘Why build ordinary, when we can create a paradise’

A love story of Alvar and Aino Aalto, Finnish masters of modern architecture and design, an enchanting journey to their creations and influence around the world.

AALTO tells the story of Alvar and Aino Aalto, Finnish masters of modern architecture and design. This enchanting couple shared their lives and great passion for the organic human-scale architecture. Together they were creating a better and a more democratic modern world. In their philosophy, the “little human” was always in the center. The great tragedy for Alvar, however, was to lose Aino in 1949 when she died. Alvar got married again to another architect, Elissa Aalto, and had one of his most significant periods in the 1950´s and kept working until his death 1976.

This charming documentary combines cinematically and organically entertainment and knowledge, contemporary film material and rare unforeseen archives. We dive into the colourful history of modernism and meet also the Rockefellers, Le Corbusier and László Moholy-Nagy.

Aalto film is based on profound research and narrated by the eyewitnesses and top researchers from all over the world.

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