26 Aug
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Mirja Klippel

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With a gripping voice, a rich sound universe and a sense for song-writing that connects deeply personal experiences with imagery from the wild Nordic nature, the Finnish songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Mirja Klippel is a remarkable talent on the alternative folk music scene.

Already her debut EP Lift Your Lion (2016) brought the Copenhagen-based musician a Danish Music Award Folk as Songwriter of the Year. Since then, she has toured extensively in Europe, Russia and the North Atlantic, followed by the release of the critically acclaimed full-length album River of Silver in 2018.

With her latest album, Slow Coming Alive, Klippel once again adds new nuances to her expansive and poetic folk universe and continues to explore the width of her songwriting.

Supported by her fellow musician Alex Jønsson, she draws the audience into a fresh and atmospheric universe, where personal experiences open up psychological depths, and intimate spaces yield access to raw and wild inner landscapes.

“…a folk diamond for filigree-pop-audiophiles” – Glitterhouse (GERMANY)
“Mirja Klippel has a special talent to write songs that sound like a piece of her soul.” – To Go Berlin
“I tried to find a way to compare her to another artist, but simply couldn’t. There was only Mirja Klippel.” – Postimees (ESTONIA)



Gummaldagøta 2
370 Miðvágur


26 Aug 19:30 - 20:30


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