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Eggjarnar, also called Skúvanes, is a viewpoint 200 metres above sea level. Eggjnarnar is a Beautiful destination south of the village of Vágur on Suðuroy island in the Faroe Islands. It is known for its scenic views to the sea-cliffs of the southern part of Suðuroy. From Beinisvørð in the south to Vágseiði and Gjógvarafjall in the north. Eggjarnar is very accessible because you can drive all the way or you can walk from Vágur.


The Loran-A Station

During WorldWarII the Americans built a Loran A station south of  Vágur at Eggjarnar and raised four high masts, LORAN referring to long-range navigation. The first signal went on air on 15 October 1943. The British military which had occupied the Faroe Islands shortly after Germany occupied Denmark, used the Loran-A station to guide British aircraft and ships across the Atlantic. The Loran-A station continued to work after the war ended, it was taken over by the Danes in 1946; and it was in function until December 1977. The ruins of the Loran-A station and of some of the other buildings from the World War II period can still be seen on Eggjarnar. (Source: Wikipedia)



900 Vágur

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