"Heima í Stovu" - family run boutique hotel


Step back into the past with a visit to our great-grandparents’ house. “Heima í Stovu” is a charming and unforgettable home away from home located in Hvalba, The Faroe Islands.

The boutique hotel is set in a family house built in 1912 and newly refurbished to resemble our great-grandparents’ home in the same village. A place we loved to visit during our holidays when we were kids. It is a perfect place to enjoy a break from your everyday hustle.

Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere in Hvalba, hike in the beautiful mountains surrounding the village, and enjoy food made from local ingredients. Bring your own book or dive into our vintage
collection in the cozy sitting room and be transported back to a timeless period.


Bíarvegur 91 Hvalba Føroyar

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