Hvíthamar (Fishing/Sightseeing by boat)


Hvíthamar organise sightseeing and/or fishing trips by boat.

The sightseeing trip includes sailing to the bird cliffs in Skúvoy and Sandoy. This trip takes approximately two hours. The price is DKK 700 for two people. If there are more than two people, the price increases by DKK 250 per person.

Sightseeing tours can also be booked according to your own wishes.

The boat can also be used for fishing trips (all prices are for the whole boat, not per person):

  • Two hours costs DKK 1000
  • Six hours costs DKK 1550
  • 12 hours costs DKK 2700


The boat has a capacity of 12 people. 6 people can fish simultaneously.



Úti í Støð
240 Skopun

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