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Maggies Café


Maggies Café in Nólsoy

Makes Music Magic.

Maggies Café is a cosy café in Nólsoy with the purpose of gathering people for both pleasure and serious matters.

Besides a LOT of live music, you can be entertained with games like Dart, playing cards, backgammon, cheese and other.

You can also watch a foodballmatch or other sports on the big screen.

In short the purpose of Maggies is to create a vigorous place in the village of Nólsoy and at the same time offer visitors a light meal, such as pita bread, burgers or fish’n’chips. Fish soup is served in the weekends or on demand. Homemade ice cream, seductive drinks and cultural input is also included in the palette.

Open from May to August every day at 13.00 (1PM) The kitchen is open until 20.00 (8PM)  🙂

If you are interested in food beyond the menu mentioned, you can order a steak for instance. Please do order at least tree days ahead.

Musicians and other artists are welcome to perform at Maggies. The performing artists set a ticket price and keep the income from the ticket sale. Maggies has off course an appointment with Koda (royalites).

At live concerts we wish that the music is at center, and we appeal  the audience not to talk unnecessary aloud during the performance.

To get ticket to an event, check out our website or buy a ticket at the door. We don’t reserve tickets nor do we return tickets, apart from when an event is cancelled.

See our upcoming program here. 

Everyone is welcome at Maggies, of course, but we expect, that our guests behave like civilians and don’t disturb other guests. Also we hope, that guests show respect for the village Nólsoy in general.

If you have questions or a request, just give us a call at +298 327199 or +298 228130.

Maggies Café won the FMA price 2019 (Faroese Music Award) for special initiative 2019 (recordings of live performances at Maggies).

“Best live venue in the Faroe Islands!” Faroese musician




Válagøta 26
270 Nólsoy

Opening hours

Sun-Thu 13:00 - 00:00
Fri-Sat 13:00 - 03:45