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5 excellent short documentaries (SE)

Melissa Lindgren, director of Tempo Documentary Festival

The Ambassador’s wife

16min. Director: Theresa Traoré Dahlberg

Although she dreamed of a career in opera, the French Ambassador’s wife now lives a restrained life in opulent seclusion in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

As we’re told

28 min. Directors: Erik Holmström og Fredrik Wenzel

What’s it like working inside Sweden’s most hated agency, the Employment Agency? We’re meeting case workers, psychologists, bosses all portrayed by puppets inside a world of corrugated paper….


14 min. Directors: Ulrika Bandeira, Julia Grumpert og Olivia Kastebring

Juck (literally Hump) is the dance group that made its breakthrough in a 2013 viral video, where they pushed the limits for how the female body is allowed to express itself.

Cops are actors

20 min. Director: Tova Mozard

Somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles, we meet four actors who portray the police profession, through narrative and staging.

The power plant

5.min. Director: Klara Boden

A boy is standing by a power plant in the middle of the north of sweden. By a rivcer that no longer exists because a hydroelectric power station now owns it. In this personal film the director remembers her childhood in the rich Swedish nature. Surroundings threatened by power companies colonialism and urbanisation.