28 Aug

Sounds of the Cathedral Ruins


On this Saturday afternoon a very special program will take place among the old church ruins of Kirkjubøur. The ruins of the gothic cathedral are one of the signs of the area’s former glory, and they have inspired artist Nicole Bitsch Pedersen to create an audio-installation that will let the bells toll over the area once again and cast new light upon the ruins of the old cathedral. The composing duo Lyd Port has studied the art of Kingo-singing and has used their findings to create a new piece for a group of Faroese Kingo singers and electronics. Composer Elín Gunlaugsdóttir has taken her time to write something as special in our digital age as handwritten postcards. The postcards are the sheets for her piece, Circles of Sounds, and the lucky recipients of these personal postcards are a singer, a percussionist, and an oboist. The trio will play from their postcards at the remarkable setting of Kirkjubøur.
• Bells of Múrinum (2019) sound installation by composer Nicole Bitsch Pedersen
• 3 (2021) by composing duo Lyd Port
• Circles of Sounds (2021)
Jensina Olsen, singer
Jan Rune Poulsen, percussion
Lene Hesselbjerg, oboist
Lydport and Kingo Singers
This event is a kick-off event for the festival Nordic Music Days which is held for the first time ever in the Faroe IslaFaroe Islands 1-4 September 2021. www.nordicmusicdays.org



175 Kirkjubøur


28 Aug